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Finding Global Solutions to Local Problems


After a very successful three decade-long career as a visionary and leader in the financial services industry, Tom Kellerhals has turned his attention to a project that is near and dear to his heart: finding tangible solutions from a global economy that can be applied to the US economy.  Much can be learned from other nations’ successes and failures.  Tom has the ability to identify what is important for us to learn and apply those lessons.
Bob Hausler
Strategic Marketing LLC

I have worked with Tom Kellerhals as a freelance writer and can attest to his communications skills. Simply put, Tom knows how to get ideas across. He is direct, clear, understanding, responsive, and, as a bonus, a pleasure to work with. My first choice for a writer who can express what I need my readers to grasp is definitely Tom.

Jonathan V. Siegel
Calumet Partners, LLC

Tom is a skilled connector – for both ideas and people. He’s written some thought provoking articles that have compellingly presented his views on a variety of subjects. He’s savvy about marketing communications and has an intuitive sense of what works to help represent and sell a company, product or service. Tom also has a strong background as an executive recruiter specializing in the financial services industry. I’ve been privileged to work with Tom for over 20 years.
Jenny Herring
The Creative Alliance

Tom Kellerhals and I were recruiters at The Westminster Group for 10 years.  During that time, he placed many financial writers with large financial service companies. In the process, he became very skilled at evaluating writers because he reviewed hundreds on articles they wrote.

Tiffany Thomasson
The Westminster Group

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