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Learning, a job, no debt

With college costs soaring, some are wondering if there is a way for students to prepare for meaningful careers without incurring massive debt.

In parts of Europe, the “dual system,” a combination of both academic and sophisticated technical training, has been available for many years. Recently, some elements of this alternative approach have been successfully implemented in areas of the U.S. Implementing elements of the dual system may provide answers not only to the college debt crisis, but also to the critical economic problems associated with thousands of unfilled, well-paying jobs requiring advanced training, as well as high youth underemployment and unemployment.

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Charlotte Observer, January 20, 2014

Career Center team (and county) big winners
Not only was the Chester County Career Center team a big winner in a recent national competition, but so was Chester County.
This past June, Donald Sawyer and Josiah Schutt, Chester High School students at the Chester County Career Center were accompanied by their instructor Gail Hirschy to the SkillsUSA competition in Kansas City. This highly competitive and well respected event is designed for high school and college students who compete in various demanding disciplines. Contests are run and teams are judged by representatives from industry, using real-world standards for employment.

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The News and Reporter, September 16, 2014
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