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Biography of Tom Kellerhals

Tom Kellerhals is the founder of Thomas M. Kellerhals, LLC, a firm specializing in finding global solutions to local problems.

Tom has over 30 years of experience in the international financial services industry which allowed him to travel worldwide and to interface with senior business leaders around the world. Additionally, Tom has had the opportunity to live in Germany and to work in England, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, and The Netherlands which has given him an understanding of different cultures as well as international business practices.

Tom was a Senior Partner for over fifteen years at The Westminster Group, an executive recruiting firm which specialized in placing communication professionals with many of the largest international financial services firms in the world. Under his leadership, The Westminster Group was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine (February 2000) for its innovative approach to business.

Before building a successful recruiting firm, Tom was VP of Marketing at CCM, Inc., a Colorado based money management firm, National Director of Sales for Managed Futures at Dean Witter and Sales Representative at Commodities Corporation.

Prior to joining the financial services industry, Tom spent several years in the cash grain, cocoa and coffee industry. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Cornell University in 1970 and is a retired Navy Captain with over 31 years of active duty and reserve service. During the last 12 years of his reserve military service, he was a credentialed NCIS Agent conducting a variety of investigations for the US Navy world-wide.

Since visiting Germany in 2013 and learning of the importance of the “dual-system” to the German economy, Tom has devoted considerable efforts to the research of the German “dual-system” and the study of the implementation of that approach in the US. Tom’s career has uniquely positioned him to evaluate and to propose the necessary steps to bring the “dual-system” approach to the United States.   While conducting his research, he has developed contacts with both German and American business representatives, educators, government officials and economists.  His research and contacts have resulted in the publication of several articles and his involvement with a marketing effort designed to generate more interest on the part of students, parents, educators and advanced manufacturing entities concerning expanding the adaptation of the “dual-system” within the US.  Those articles and additional information can be found on his website

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